David C. Van Ling – Allied Member ASID

For as long as he can remember, there has never been a single doubt in David’s mind: he was born to be an interior designer. So when he opened van Ling Design Associates, Inc. 18 years ago, he knew he’d be in it for life. The longtime Tamparesident (22 years and counting) is an Allied Member ASID and a graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta. Over the years, David has sought to perfect his art by continuing his education through courses at Harvard University and quarterly Designer Forums held in New York City. He has a background in design psychology, and a lifelong passion for creating spaces that inspire its dwellers to live beautifully. David has worked on projects throughout the country and his work has been published in Better Homes & Gardens: The New Decorating Book and Spectacular Homes of Florida.

Melanee Friscia – Allied Member ASID

Architecture, home building and interior design have always been a way of life for Melanee. Her dad owned a construction components plant and her mother is an interior decorator. Growing up was all about building a house and decorating it. Home has always been more than just a place for Melanee. Even though the award-winning designer has been practicing for years, taking in that finished product never seems to lose its magic. Melanee works closely with each of her clients and specializes in bringing their vision to reality. She is an Allied Member ASID and recently received an award in the ASID Florida West Coast Chapter Design Competition and the People’s Choice Award for her room at the Mayfair Charity Designer Showhouse.

Steven Bass

Steven’s mom loved to tell her friends how her son has two-and-a-half college degrees, but drives a cargo van for a living. After obtaining a BS in Biology from Auburn University and pursuing a 12-year career in medical sales, Steven realized how much he enjoyed the operations of a business and returned to USF to earn his BS in Accounting. It was by chance that Steven started working with David to develop the business aspect of van Ling Design. From accounting, invoicing and billing (many clients refer to them as “love letters”), to managing orders, he has been handling all of van Ling Design’s business management for more than 14 years, allowing David and Melanee to concentrate on their design projects.